Mina Hafzalla

FBI Whistleblower
IT Systems Engineer & Architect
Seattle, WA


I’m broadcasting this so that my voice is heard in one of the largest cases in the U.S. I’m not the only victim; but unfortunately, many others are. This is one of the crimes that occurs every century or even millennium once and enters the history (not exaggerating).
This is a “National Security Threat” that does not only affect me as a victim but also victimizes many other citizens and residents of the country through extreme means.
Few of the incidents that the reported criminal parties are behind:
– “Robb” Elementary School Mass Shooting of the Children, Texas, May 2022.
– Club Q Mass Shooting, Colorado Springs, 2022.
– The “Covenant” School Mass Shooting (Ministry of The Covenant Presbyterian Church),
Nashville, Tennessee, 2023.
– George Floyd Incident (Black Lives Matter), 2020.
– Many others; full list in the referenced documentations, some of these incidents’ grounds are linked to my case and are listed in the documentations.
The FBI, corrupt members of the Coptic Orthodox Church and its communities in Washington and other U.S. States that are primarily derived from Egypt (immigrants), and key members at Builders Capital (my previous employer in WA); namely, Rob Trent (CEO), Ken Trent (Chief of Growth), Salam Morcos (Principal Engineer) are committing a series of organized crimes for retaliation purposes, hate crime and other gains; they empower and operate gang stalking groups across the U.S., invasive surveillance and cybercrimes, cold extreme psychological abuse, manipulation/exploitation and torture of humans, genome editing, in addition to practicing sorcery and occult activities that are one of the primary aspects (Nazi crimes).
I have been actively reporting the crimes to U.S. Authorities and Top U.S. Officials since May 2022 until current, including but not limited to CIA, ODNI, DOD, Police, and others (see "Proof of Reporting") but the crimes are continuing (for a year and half) due to the extreme abuse of power by the FBI.
I’m severely affected and unable to obtain justice or resume my life since the crimes started against me on approximately Feb to March 2022 until current.
When I initially reported the crimes to the FBI back in June and July 2022 prior to realizing their corruption, followed by another follow-up in Dec 2022, the FBI completely ignored my reports even though I re-emphasized on the severity and stated "National Security Threat", the FBI agents on the phone even took my reports lightly, obstructed me from describing the criminal activities, and hung- up the calls quickly. On the other hand, Girgis Hafzalla (also called “Girgis Ramsis”), a “Corrupt FBI Agent” and “Sorcerer”, and unfortunately my uncle, made harassing implications to the reports that I submitted privately through FBI[.]gov and IC3[.]gov by verbally using and stressing on distinguished keywords from my writings in the reports over a personal phone call with me.
When I reported the FBI corruption to the DOJ, they sent me a letter denying my allegations; but the crimes continue to be practiced and I'm unable to resume my life.
If the Law Enforcement agency such as the FBI that is supposed to lawfully investigate and protect its people and nation against domestic violence and threats is corrupt but also victimizes citizens and residents of the country, to whom I should be reaching out to save myself and my loved ones? And because they (FBI) are the "Law Enforcement", they can enforce to seize any and all data and evidence that may be held against them.
Imagine that you're microchipped; they can see by your eyes (what you see) in real time, read your inner thoughts, intentions, control your limbs' movements, alter brain signals and neurons, cause impaired cognitive wirelessly, and far more/worse; and when/if I do X-Rays or CT scans, they likely get altered through oppressive powers to hide the existence of the reported microchip(s).
I urge everyone who comes across this post to share it to reach the largest audience possible, and anyone who may have a connection to a News Agency such as Fox News or other to pass this along including its attached/referenced content so that the voice is heard and a bold action is taken by the lawful Government authorities/forces.
You may be one of the Coptic Orthodox congregation in the U.S. who is unaware of the criminal activities & the malicious hidden intentions/implications by the corrupt churches' leaders and other vetted members.
Also, If anyone is connected to the Patriarchate and Pope Tawadros II in Egypt (Coptic Orthodox Church - الكنيسة القبطية الأرثوذكسية), please deliver this message and its content directly to him/them pertaining the religious side of the circumstances.
- Selective Documentations: https://bit.ly/mhnst-docs
- Briefing Document: https://bit.ly/41Lluoc
- Selective Supporting Material: https://bit.ly/41VIQXJ
- Proof of Reporting to Authorities: https://bit.ly/3AxAk5D
Also, review the referenced images below:
These images are also posted on my Instagram profile in the Highlights section: https://instagram.com/minahafzalla
Video of Fr. "Arsanious Hanna", the President of "St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church" in Lynnwood, WA while exiling me from the church because I entered to pray and take the blessings of the relics/ icons at a time when there was no service; preceded by saying to me in an insulting manner loudly in Arabic “ماشفتش اسمك على مورجج الكنيسة" that translates in English to "I haven't seen your name on the church's mortgage" (though, this part was prior to starting recording): https://bit.ly/45CDvqM
The referenced are only selectives, I will be posting more updates when possible/I'm able to through the below channels:
Personal Website: https://minahafzalla.com
Due to the severe financial burden and exploitation caused by the reported crimes, I'm adding my information below for whom is interested in contributing. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Bank Account Number (Bank of America): 138121848518
Routing Number (Wire Transfers): 026009593
PayPal & Zelle: minahafzalla@gmail.com
Venmo: @MinaHafzalla
You may also donate through Twitter Tips: @MinaHafzalla
– Pointing out “FBI Corruption” does not necessarily mean that the whole agency is corrupt, though it appears that the controlling/dominating parties inside it and/or a large sector of it is corrupt that require great efforts from the lawful authorities to fix; perhaps this is the time to restore faith in the organization rather than dissolving and/or defunding it.
– Although I stated that the crimes started on around Feb to March 2022, though some of the events date to several years back but I was not aware of.
– This group was created only for the purpose of sending these information.– All and any defamation claims or similar/other that may arise as a result of this message shall be void due to the severity of the crimes and the numerous reporting to U.S. Authorities and Top Officials for a year and half where some of them prior notified of “publicizing” the matter if no action is taken by the Government forces and lawful authorities to end the crimes against myself and my loved ones.
– I do not and have never encouraged for violence or similar.
– Facebook and/or any other Social/Publishing Network, Platform or App shall not restrict, limit or deactivate my account or any of its posts/uploads by any means at any given time.
– Any and all other disclaimers referenced in the leading links, documentations, posts (either on Facebook or other platforms) pertaining the matter shall apply.
** Freedom of Speech.


I believe that every human has the right to get a chance of living a better life and achieve their dreams; therefore, my heart goes to those little orphan children in Egypt who lost their parents and unable to afford basic life needs and suitable education.

For that, I support the non-profit organization, Coptic Orphans that supports and provides those children with the resources to overcome hardships, join and continue education till graduation and finding a job.